Porfido f.lli Pedretti has been working in the stone field for four generations, during these years they have developed and improved their performance by the most modern equipment and machinery with a skillful staff able to carry out any work such as floors and facings, furnishing, inner and outer works.

Porfido  f.lli Pedretti is supplied with blocks coming directly by quarries everywhere in the world, but we have also our own production: in particular we have a quarry that we have been exploiting for forty years, from which we quarry  the vallecamonica porphyry, a brown violet stone, the only one in the world and of our exclusive production.


Porfido F.lli Pedretti is working in stone field since four generations; during this time it improved its working with the most modern equipment and its skilful staff is able to carry out any kind of work especially monuments, tombstones, floorings, claddings and interior decoration.
The Porfido F.lli Pedretti buys blocks directly from the quarries all over the world, but it has its own production; it has a quarry since 40 years, the violet Valcamonica Porphyry, a unique stone in the world.

La Porfido F.lli Pedretti is certifcated IQ Net ISO 9001 e ISO 14000 as manufacturer and trader of stone products:
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