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Silestone is made from 94% natural quartz, a material that offers exceptional strength and toughness. It is the first and only quartz worktop with antibacterial protection which ensures hygienic quality unmatched in the industry. It is an excellent surface to surface in quartz kitchen countertops, bathroom, flooring and wall coverings allowing minimum joints.

It is available in many shades of color and therefore offers many decorative possibilities: the work plan to achieve a mobile element. Silestone is an investment for the future. Silestone is forever.


is silicon dioxide (SiO2) crystallized, usually is white or transparent although it may appear in other colors if it is formed in the presence of impurities.

It is found in pure form or present in other materials. Due to its high hardness and resistance to acids, is used for the realization of a wide variety of products that require precision and high performance. This quartz is the main component of Silestone tops.


The new Platinum series of Silestone ® is inspired by the world challenges of Formula 1.
Silestone ® Quartz joins ores through an innovative manufacturing process that combines high-temperature, low emissions and use of recycled water to 100%.
This production level provides us with a collection of luxury that Silestone ® has a unique metallic sheen.

The new Platinum series by Fernando Alonso is a luxury high-end product with:

- The unique antibacterial technology of antibacterial protection.
- Highly resistant to scratches, shocks and impacts.
- Low emission of particles during its production.

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